Security Internet 2014

Security Internet 2014

You might be aware how AVG 2014 given its Security Internet 2013 a total makeover for this year. The question is, did they also improve its performance? Let’s take a look into how this well-known AVG anti-virus program kicks it this year and if it is worth it for you to grab it.

Adapting the new Windows 8 tiled interface, AVG Internet Security 2014 has now large colourful buttons optimized for touchscreen devices. However, it seems that the company placed most of its efforts into improving its software’s looks, but did not really do that much in pushing its performance.

An Attack Test security internet 2014
In a real world test, the program blocked 95% of the attacks and partially stopped 6% of the attacks. This score shows that the software is pretty good in protecting your PC from attacks. However, some of the programs actually blocked 100% of those attacks so, that makes AVG a little bit of a loser, in this particular feature. Security 2013 Internet


It is very easy and fast to install AVG. However, you have to click 5 screens during the process. What I like about it however is that, you no longer need to restart your computer after the installation. This might not be a big deal but it’s a good addition since you’ll no longer have to stop your upload or download or whatever you are doing while installing the program. Security Internet 2014

The New Look

The new interface of AVG 2014 looks cool. I can say that this is where this new version of this program really shines! It is clean, simple, and looks like internet Windows 8. The main window shows large tile-like buttons that are arranged in a very organized layout. At the top, you can see the protection status notification. It is green when you are protected and red if your PC is in danger. Get more 2014 internet security info at microsoft and the other avg 2014 software sites apple.

Below this status are 5 large green tiles that represent the program’s main components – Web Browsing, E-mails, Identity, and Firewall. On each of these buttons, you can see a small status notification that prompts you if that specific area is protected or not. Under these 5 green tiles are 5 smaller teal tiles linked to other AVG security services such as Fix Performance, Mobile protection, Speedtest, TechBuddy, and others. Finally, the interface has 2 turquoise buttons near the screen’s bottom. These are Update now and Scan now buttons. The scan button allows you to scan your PC or manage your scanning options, while the update one lets you check the AVG website for updates of the software.

So is this program good?
Security Internet 2014
For me, I can still say that it is a great anti-virus software, as it always have been. However, I hope the company will push its protection feature further. With so many other programs that can now block attacks a hundred percent, AVG 2014 must also be able to do the same thing. It’s a good thing that they improved the look of their interface a lot but they should also look into the performance of their program. Visit often security internet 2013

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